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We provide drywall installation, taping, texture and sanding. Our prices include all labor and materials as needed. We are insured with workmans' comp. and liability.

We are a full service drywall company for both residential and commercial drywall. We service the the Kansas City Missouri metro area. The majority of our work is within the counties of Clay, Ray, Platte, Jackson, Laafayette and Clinton. We do travel to Johnson and Cass counties at times.

Full Service Drywall Contractor
Wall Priming
Sound Isolation
Contractor Damage Repairs
Individual Service and Repairs
Under Development - Improved Dust Control
Under Development - Improved Mold Resistance
Job Cleanup
Full Service Drywall Contractor:
First and foremost we are a full service drywall contractor for all residential needs as well as medium to small commercial projects. From small patches and repairs to new homes and churches as well as commercial projects. Please refer to the download page for copies of our brochures.
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Alliance handles all residential needs. Patches, new homes, remodels, restorations, room additions, basements or any thing in between. You will come to trust Alliance as a contractor you would trust to be in your home. We are a professional company and behave accordingly.
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Commerical :
Churches - Churches - Churches. We really enjoy church work! As for other commercial work we have worked in them all. Metal studs and exterior finish are our only limitation. We understand prevailing wage project and are setup with a Federal DUNS number for government contracting. New banks, remodeled restaurants. We can handle it. FRP, ceiling tile, insulation. We can handle it. And yes, we can read prints and properly supervise our jobs. Alliance targets work in small to medium sized projects. A 20,000 s.f project is well within our range.
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Wall Priming:
Alliance offers wall priming using Magnum's revolutionary "Level Coat". New drywall is different than painting over existing walls. The surface of new drywall is made from recycled paper and requires special attention. High quality primer must be used to avoid "joint flashing". Have you every noticed a drywall seam that shows only during specific times of the day, usually near a window? This can be caused by a poor finished joint but more often is caused by a difference in the porosity of the surfaces. In other words, drywall mud over the finished joints has different pores than the drywall surfaces that have no mud on them. In the past, "joint flashing" was something you had to live with. Level Coat was also our answer to a finer finished smooth ceilings as well.
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Sound Isolation:
There is an increased demand for sound isolation and noise reduction.  There has always been code requirements for sound levels which drywall contractors are required to meet in areas such as multi-family construction.  Alliance Drywall uses all the past methods as well as the new methods.  Designing an "assembly" to meet the sound isolation requirements is similar to building a deck.  We have to ask; what are the current conditions, what are your expectations and what do you want to spend?  Alliance Drywall will design a solution for you using all the past and current methods.  We understand sound is both airborne and generated by impact noise.  You will need an understanding of how sound travels to better help us decide which options are best for your conditions.  By far, the best web site to learn from is greengluecompany.comFor a limited time Alliance Drywall Services is offering sound isolation services at cost!  Why would we do this?  Because we have new products to be tested and we want your project for testing.  In 2008 we installed over $18,000 in sound isolation at cost.  3-28-09

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Contractor Damage Repairs:
Other contractors select Alliance to repair damages they caused to their customer's drywall. Cable installers, flooring contractors, electricians, painters and many more come to Alliance for help. Because they know damage to their customer's property must be repaired quickly and for a reasonable price. It is as easy as calling Alliance at (816) 985-9280. Tell us your customer's name and contact phone number as well as a general description of the damage. We will handle all the details. We will leave your customer happy because we get the job done right the first time, take our shoes off at the door and cleanup our mess. Alliance is insured with workmans comp. and liability for your protection. We will notify you when the repair is scheduled, when we are done and of any other customer concerns we find. We will even paint the damaged wall if needed. Call Alliance and recover your reputation after customer damages. We will not over-charge you. Alliance is a contractor and we understand how it feels.
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Individual Service and Repairs:
We do everything from small patches to entire ceiling refinishing. Unfortunately we have to limit the radius we are willing to travel in order to be price competitive. All work which is referred to us regardless of locating is excepted!
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Under Development - Improved Dust Control:
Alliance Drywall is conducting testing on nearly dustless drywall installation for occupied buildings. Specific materials, sanding and barrier techniques are being studied. When we have it right, we will offer this service. Let us know if you are willing to be a test subject. It costs money to go to college and Alliance is willing to spend that money testing products and methods. Each job site has different needs. Occupied buildings are far more challenging than vacant buildings. 3-29-09
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Under Development - Improved Mold Resistance:
Mold can destroy a homes value and cause illness to the owners. We have always offered alternative drywall materials in wet areas. We let you know what these alternatives cost and just don't bury them in a bid hoping we will be the low bidder by using low quality (and improper) materials. Most recent update is as follows: We are starting to have the opinion that mold has to be handled at the root-cause! If you have mold then you most likely have a water issue. Fix things at the root-cause! We are talking with experts and promise not to sell a service or material that has no bearing on the root-cause of the problem. We are finding, however, that we are most likely going to offer a service for post-problem in terms of how we handle molded areas after the water has stopped running. 3-29-09.
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Job Cleanup:
You might ask why job cleanup would be listed as a service. Well, professional builders do their own. Many home owners decide they can save money doing their own as well. Drywall causes one of the worst messes on the job. Our bids offer this as an optional service and clearly outline what you should expect from this service.
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