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Internet Links
Here are links to companies important to our Alliance. We have included links to vendors and fellow contractor's web sites because we want to help promote their products and services.
Special Materials
Level Coat
Used to prime walls at the same or less cost than conventional paint. The added benefit is not having to coordinate another contractor coming in before you can install your trim and cabinets. Level coat is superior to standard primer because it better levels the pores between the finished joints and bare drywall paper. It reduces the chance of seeing seams during parts of the day when the sun shines across them. Or seeing seams as your overhead lights shine down on them. We find individuals planning to paint their own project enjoy skipping the work of priming their own walls. Alliance is always willing to work with your painter and hope they would switch to our product because it simply makes our drywall work look better especially when your paint will be eggshell or glossy.
No Coat
Used for corner bead and taping off angles that will not crack, dent or chip. Our corners and ceiling angles are straight and durable. We use No Coat rather than metal or vinyl on both 90 degree and bullnose corners. Our installation process is automated by using a special box that puts the adhesive mud on the back of the bead before it goes on the wall. We use a roller to flatten it out and then drywall knives or boxes to finish it. Trim carpenters love it because No Coat is tapered and allows for squarer corners so the trim lays flat. There are also no fasteners such as nails used to install No Coat so the chances of cracking due to the building settling are less likely to occur. Paint sticks well in that No Coat’s bare surface is paintable. Mud used over other materials is more likely to flake off and has to be sanded. Our sanders find it impossible to scratch the No Coat surface and have no need to try and sand a straight line into off angles. Conventional drywall tape and other products are used by our competitors because they cost less. No Coat benefit is labor savings which offset the material price.
Magnum Products
Used for taping and finish joint compound. We find that Magnum Products have less shrinkage with a smoother, more durable finish which will be less likely to scratch before the paint goes on. We also found the shelf life of Magnum to be excellent. Shelf life is important because drywall mud spoils and molds if left to sit in the box past the shelf life.
Trim Tex Vinyl Products
Used for special corner situations such as archways and trimming the seam between a new wall and a dropped ceiling. Other applications might include finishing off the wall where it meets concrete. We also use their products to square off the base where wood trim meets bullnose. Trim Tex also offers adaptors for intersections between bullnose corners, however we find miter cutting works best for all two way intersections. The product is durable and easy to install. You will find more detail in our Materials and Methods page on this web site.
Alliance Drywall Services is a Member of:
Rotary International
Giving back to your community and the world at large is a responsibility of your business.
National Federation of Independent Business
Looking out for small business. We employee over 70% of the United States workforce.
Vendor and Fellow Contractor's Web Sites
We Need Your Links!
For vendors and fellow contractors please feel free to email your link to
TNT Electric - Smithville Mo.
We appreciate trusting Alliance enough to refer us for drywall services. We will never make you feel bad by doing poor work. Thanks for everything John.
Reynolds General Contractors Inc. - Florida
For our friend Tim Burns who is a Superintendent for Reynolds and past small business owner. Thanks for the phone conversations and allowing us to run ideas past you.
Swaffords - Richmond Mo.
Equipping Alliance with dependable trucks at a reasonable price. Thank you Rob and Gary. You can contact them at 1-800-792-3367 or (816)776-2288. We don't purchase vehicles very often and avoid the overhead of owning them. Rob and Gary treat us like a big-time customer even when we are not.
Five Star Insulators
A quaility group of people. You can contact Scotty Boley at (660)646-7700 or mobile at (816)724-4186. Alliance Drywall follows several insulation contractors who work in the Kansas City Metro area.
Palmer Electric Company
Our good friends at Palmer can help with both home, commercial needs as well as service calls,
Customer Web Sites (Please send your links)
Michael's Quality Homes
Mike was one of our first builders. He employees full time staff. The owner of Alliance made a promise that we would never let him down. We will meet that promise!
Morton Buildings
New churches, garages or whatever you can think of. Morton does them all. What a great reputation they have. Installing drywall in their projects is as easy as it gets. Their professional team is amazing. Trust a name you know.