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Here are a few of the first class materials we install. We provide quality materials which often save labor costs which offset the increase material expense. It's a win - win!
Wet areas such as tiled and prefabricated fiberglass showers require special attention to avoid issues caused by water and humidity.  Alliance is happy to offer advice in areas such as basements and kitchens or any other area inside your home or office where there are concerns. 

Here are a few of the standard products we offer:

  • Concrete Board:   Used underneath surfaces which get direct water contact such as tiled shower.
  • Water Resistant Drywall:  Often referred to as "green board" is used above areas such as fiberglass shower stalls where humidity is an issue.  The face paper is water resistant while the core is standard drywall.
  • Mold-Though Drywall:  With face paper and inner core treated to be mold resistant.  Ask us how this applies to behind your kitchen sink!
  • USG Brand Durabond:  A water resistant drywall compound we use on all modular showers as a separation between the drywall edge and top of the shower.
  • Trim Tex Bead:  A thin plastic piece installed between a drywall edge and window to prevent damage from condensation.  Used when windows returns are drywall rather than wood trim.                                        

A revolutionary replacement of metal corners! Our corners withstand severe impacts, settling and seismic movements without cracking, denting, chipping or peeling. Increased material costs are offset by labor savings which saves you money.

Used on corners in areas such as hallways, edges of windows when wrapped with drywall rather than wood trim, and ceiling corners for mechanical runs that are boxed in basements and garages.

Alliance Drywall also uses ultra flex off-angle corners made of the same technology as our straight corners.  So those 30 and 45% wall angles are straight and durable.  Your long ceiling vault angles will never look better!

Watch Off-Angle Video

We hate nail pops and cracks and we know you do also. We have company standards for installation that will keep your drywall structurally sound for years.
Level five is an industry standard where the wall surface is skimmed with drywall mud. Our wall priming service using Magnum's Level Coat is the answer. This service replaces the need to prime walls and destroys join flashing on walls where indirect light shines across it such as from a window or can light. 

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